About DVO Real Estate

Founded in 2012, DVO Real Estate is a privately owned real estate investment management firm that has established itself as a sophisticated provider of “Gap Equity” and GP Co-investment capital for best-in-class multifamily owners and operators. Our company follows a fundamental investment philosophy of maximizing returns through value-creation with a focus on capital preservation and consistent cash flow. Bringing to bear its expertise and long-standing relationships, the company has grown significantly over the past decade. DVO Real Estate has invested in more than 40 assets comprising more than 10,000 multifamily units with an aggregate value approaching $2 billion. The firm has generated an average net investor return of over 21%.

DVO Real Estate provides “Gap Equity” and GP Co-investment capital to well-capitalized sponsors who are acquiring, recapitalizing or developing multifamily properties in select top tier growth markets. Our assets provide current cash flow, can be acquired at a discount to replacement value, and offer significant appreciation potential through efficient implementation of asset management and repositioning value-add strategies. DVO Real Estate utilizes a hands-on approach and seeks to harvest value through an exit strategy that is established at the time of acquisition.